Why do I write?

One year ago my husband, Szymon, handed me a thick untitled book. “What is it?” I said. “Open it.” I found only blank pages with spaces for photographs. My husband smiled. “Here are the photographs from our vacations. Let’s order them chronologically.” We finished the project two weeks later, but half of the album remained empty. “What should we do with it?” I said. “Write something,” my husband said. I had always yearned to write but never had the reason. Now, I had a legitimate cause. I could write down our memories and create a souvenir. After a month, I had written three texts ready to print. “Why don’t we create a blog for you?”

8 ways to spend less on Hawaii

Let’s face it – Hawaii is expensive, but still cheaper than San Francisco if this consoles anybody. At least, from the Kauai perspective. During our vacation we wanted to spend as little as possible and here are the 8 ways on how to do it.

What’s hidden behind Aloha?

“Aloha” welcomed us on Kauai. It is not only a warm greeting linked with the Hawaii Islands, but it’s also the philosophy of Hawaiians, especially characteristic to those who live on Kauai. Aloha – let’s decipher the meaning: A – Akahai, kindness expressed with tenderness; L – Lokahi, unity, expressed with harmony; O – ‘Olu’olu, agreeable, expressed with pleasantness;

The story of Big Sur

Nature strikes back. I stand still, the wind skims my face, the sunlight dances on with my face and make me smile. Immersed in the moment I breathe in the spell of nature’s magic around me. Cormorants’ murmurations float in the air, forming elliptical shapes. The sun sets down, the pink hues of clouds resemble the traces of brush strokes. I’m here. California’s Big Sur.

Tenerife in four acts – Act One the North

Cheap flights are always an incentive to explore the world a bit further. This time, fate led my husband and me to Tenerife. We had no preconceptions about the island except for it being the spot for all-inclusive holidays. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

Albania from the skies – paragliding

“The best part about paragliding is the next day,” said Zielony while we waited for the weather conditions to improve. “The rush of adrenaline is low. The images of the world rewind in your head while you are safely on the ground.” It was only the day after when we appreciated the charm and wilderness of the Albanian mountains.

It’s Caribbean baby – Sint Maarten

When you’re from Poland the Caribbean Islands are not on your vacation radar. Mainly because it’s far away and it appears as an eternal happiness spot only for the chosen people, who can afford it. We often say we would love to go there when we’re down in the dumps, especially when the weather is really bad outside. But for me, the Caribbean islands weren’t just a flight of fancy, but reality with which I had to face.

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