I don’t remember exactly when travelling has become a part of my personality. But from what my parents recall it was my first trip to the Tatra Mountains when I was only half a year old. I guess that was the moment when travelling started to run in my blood. Or maybe not travelling, but the curiosity about the world.

I’ve always thought about writing, but never for real. I made a detour at some point of my education, wanting to be a biologist, but soon I realized it’s not my cup of tea. That’s why I graduated from English Philology and I’ve been in love for logos forever since.

For two years I worked as a recruiter for a well-known international company. But I felt it wasn’t enough. So together with my then-fiancé, we decided that from the day we got married, I would change my job and we would travel around the world.

The blog consists of the stories about the trips we’ve made so far. They are honest and sincere, from the bottom of my heart. My dream would be to encourage you all to travel. So if I’m successful, let me know!

Recently, we’ve just moved to the United States and it will be my focus. We’ll see what future brings. It’s time to hit the road!