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This is a sample of job advertisements that I created when working as a Sourcing Specialist for Rolls-Royce. The aim was to draw the attention of prospective candidates and make them apply for the position.

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Would you like to be instrumental in the architecture and control of Rolls-Royce databases? Do you have extensive SQL DBA experience? And additionally, you’re a specialist in Microsoft technologies and ORM techniques? If you would like to take a step forward in your SQL development career, then Rolls-Royce has a great opportunity within Optimized Systems and Solutions (OSyS). Join our team in Derby and help us to deliver data architectures for OSyS products. Currently, we’re looking for somebody who will know data modelling patterns (especially ORM). Somebody who will have strong SQL DBA experience. Somebody who will be dexterous in .NET, C# and Entity Framework.

Being a Data Architect within our team will allow you to design and provide solutions not only for OSyS, but also for Rolls-Royce nuclear, submarine, military and civil sectors. In this position, you’ll be involved throughout the whole project lifecycle, including supporting requirements capture, data modelling and software design, configuration management and development governance. In return we offer great exposure to various technologies and a possibility to work with significant global projects.

Optimized Systems and Solutions is a world-class supplier of asset management and decision support solutions. We specialize in solutions that help our customers unlock the full decision-making value of their asset data, allowing them to evolve through a program of improvements, from basic asset protection to performance management, and on to achieving a highly predictive business where there are no surprises.

We have more than 400 employees working from a number of development and service centres, principally in the United States and United Kingdom providing efficiency-boosting, cost-effective solutions for asset optimization. Optimized Systems and Solutions (OSyS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Plc.

Your main accountabilities will include:

  • Supporting the Data Architect in the design and development of data architectures and ensure consistency with specified requirements agreed with both external and internal customers. Working with the wider architecture team to ensure that data architectures balance functional, service quality and systems management requirements. Ensuring that appropriate standards (corporate, industry, national and international) are adhered to.
  • Supporting the design of data models and components for OSyS product data architectures, acting as custodian of the data requirements backlog. Taking responsibility for the technical integrity of the data architecture, ensuring that data models and components are implemented and used appropriately. Assisting in the development of service level agreements and any associated service guarantees.
  • Planning, co-ordinating and monitoring technical progress across agile delivery teams, ensuring change control is applied to data model and component designs. Advising on the impact of changes to the programme and on the process for assessing such impact. Informing project management of major design issues and makes recommendations on their resolution. Ensuring that all design changes are managed effectively and contribute to formal reviews and evaluations when projects and programmes end.
  • Providing advice on technical aspects of developing and integrating data models and components, including deployment, operational and maintenance aspects. Ensuring that relevant technical strategies, policies, standards and practices are applied correctly.
  • Developing product short-lists and evaluation criteria for data technologies and use them in product selection. Translating data component specifications into detailed designs for implementation using selected products.


  • Data design patterns and principles as part of a layered product architecture.
  • Database and data service design, including Object-Relational-Mapping (ORM) techniques.
  • Microsoft technologies: SQL Server (2008 and 2012), .NET C#, Entity Framework, SSIS and SSAS.
  • Extensible data modelling patterns, including Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) and use of metadata.
  • Logical data modelling using UML and model-first approach, ideally through Enterprise Architect.
  • Version control, release and governance of data-related deliverables, including TFS.
  • Domain knowledge of engineering or science-based industries.
  • (Data warehouse and data mart design, including star schemas and data cubes)

Everyone who works for us receives a comprehensive rewards package that reflects our status as a leading global employer. We think you deserve to be rewarded for your hard work.

We have become one of the world’s leading engineering businesses through a consistent strategy for growth. Our order book currently stands at over £60 billion and we expect it to double in size over the next decade. Join us and work for a company known the world over for excellence and innovation.

We are an equal opportunities employer.

We are unable to employ anyone who does not have the legal right to live and work in the UK.

In the absence of any candidate from outside the EEA possessing immigration status which allows them to live and work in the UK, Rolls-Royce will consider sponsorship under Tier 2 of the Points Based System. Sponsorship is subject to all the appropriate criteria (as specified by the UK Border Agency) being satisfied.

Should Rolls-Royce choose to sponsor a candidate who is outside of the UK then please note that it will be necessary for Rolls-Royce to make an application for a certificate of sponsorship from the UK Border Agency. Rolls-Royce cannot offer any guarantee that such a request will be successful.

In the recruitment process all candidates are required to provide the necessary right to work information and documentation.



Fuss is an internet magazine – an alternative to the mainstream press, where young and aspiring artists and writers can publish their work.

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Fuss anna kot jak to jest latać


Fuss anna kot baby ach te baby



I participate in a course Fundamentals of Travel Writing. Here are the samples of my work.

Why do I write?

One year ago my husband, Szymon, handed me a thick untitled book.

“What is it?” I said.

“Open it.”

I found only blank pages with spaces for photographs. My husband smiled.

“Here are the photographs from our vacations. Let’s order them chronologically.”

We finished the project two weeks later, but half of the album remained empty. “What should we do with it?” I said.
“Write something,” my husband said.

I had always yearned to write but never had the reason. Now, I had a legitimate cause. I could write down our memories and create a souvenir. After a month, I had written three texts ready to print.

“Why don’t we create a blog for you?” Szymon said. You could publish your work there. And you’ll learn something new.”
“Why not?” I said.

In no time, I had published my writing online. A mixture of apprehension and excitement rushed down my spine. The thrill was a sign of transition from thinking about writing to executing it.

The first trip in my life was in the Tatra Mountains when I was only six months old. My parents were in their mid-twenties and didn’t want to stop going mountain hiking solely because of parenthood. Often they were scorned for taking such a small child to such a risky trips. At the trails, people looked at them with disdain or commented. But for my parents, taking me wherever they went was natural. They ingrained wanderlust in their baby girl and curiosity about the world.

They passed on a code of being independent, ambitious, proud, and determined. So I became true, well-bred Cracovian, who got married in a summer castle of Polish kings, on a throne, with the ceremony witnessed by the portraits of stern Polish monarchs. It was the power of the vows that propelled me to rethink my actions.

Though I had the necessary ingredients to write: memories, desire to travel, observations, but I never allowed myself. Instead, I pursued English as my major, taught English as a Second Language, read a lot, and learned French. I always thought I needed to push the perfection bar further and further before writing. Finally, having the courage to write all boiled down to my love for words and love for writing – and a not so subtle push from my husband to start the ball rolling.

I unwrapped my presents last Christmas Eve. I found a small envelope with a card inside. I read it quickly and looked up at my husband.
“Are you serious?”
“Sure. I love your writing. A writing course will do you good. Go for it!”
I grinned with love.

And here I am.



I took part in a course about writing about yourself in the domain of authentic copywriting. My tutor was Anna Piwowarska from autentycznycopywriting.pl. The result of the course is in Polish and English.

Bio in Polish

Na początku lat dziewięćdziesiątych dwójka dwudziestokilkulatków postanawia pokazać inny świat swojemu półrocznemu dziecku i wyrusza w Tatry. To był początek. Czym skorupka za młodu… Od tamtej pory podróżowanie, albo inaczej, ciekawość świata są nieodłącznym elementem mojego życia.

Pisanie zawsze chodziło mi po głowie. Pierwszy raz, gdy byłam w szóstej klasie szkoły podstawowej i wygrałam konkurs na najpiękniejszą baśń. Wyróżnienie od samej pani dyrektor! Duma.  Potem tak to się jakoś potoczyło, że mimo kilku prób zaprzyjaźnienia się z naukami ścisłymi, wylądowałam na filologii angielskiej. I miłość do słowa już mi została.

Byłam rekruterką w dużej korporacji. Blichtr i splendor spływały na mnie za każdym razem, gdy podnosiłam słuchawkę i przedstawiałam się, że jestem z takiej i takiej firmy i mam propozycję pracy.  Jednak jedyne, co się liczyło to numerek na koniec dnia, a ja chciałam więcej. Dlatego po kilkunastu miesiącach zaczęłam myśleć o odejściu. Zerwanie z  korpusią, choć bolesne, nastąpiło  zaraz po oświadczynach mojego męża. Od tamtego momentu, czyli od małej wulkanicznej plaży na Teneryfie i  jego dudniącego serca, wszystko się zmieniło.  Umówiliśmy się, że zaczynam szukać pracy, którą naprawdę lubię.Zostawiłam korporację, a marzenia o podróżach dookoła świata i satysfakcji z tego, co robię, przekształciły się w moje cele.

Na bloga podróżniczego zdecydowałam się po napisaniu kilku tekstów ze wspomnieniami wakacyjnymi. Miały one wylądować w naszym albumie ze zdjęciami. Szkoda, żeby widział je tylko album, dlatego przywłaszczyłam sobie ten kawałek Internetu.

Blog to moje własne wspomnienia, a jednocześnie miejsce, gdzie mogę dać upust moim pisarskim zapędom. Będzie prosto, ale z serca.   Będę się tutaj dzielić z Wami moimi wrażeniami, a może nawet uda mi się zachęcić Was do wyruszenia w nieznane? Byłoby super!  Dajcie wtedy znać.

Przeprowadziliśmy się właśnie do Stanów Zjednoczonych, więc na blogu pojawią się relacje z naszych „road tripów”.  Zobaczymy, co nam pisane. Komu w drogę, temu Stany!

Bio in English

I don’t remember exactly when travelling has become a part of my personality. But from what my parents recall it was my first trip to the Tatra Mountains when I was only half a year old. I guess that was the moment when travelling started to run in my blood. Or maybe not travelling, but the sheer curiosity about the world.

I’ve always thought about writing, but never for real. I made a detour at some point of my education, wanting to be a biologist, but soon I realized it’s not my cup of tea. That’s why I graduated from English Philology and I’ve been in love for logos forever since.

For almost two years I worked as a recruiter for a well-known international company. However, I felt it wasn’t enough. So together with my then-fiancé, we decided that from the day we got married, I would change my job and we would travel around the world.

The blog consists of my recollections of all the trips we’ve made so far. They are honest and sincere, from the bottom of my heart. My dream would be to encourage you all to travel. So if I’m successful, let me know!

Right now, we’ve just moved to the United States, so there will be many articles about this country. And then we’ll see what future brings. It’s time to hit the road!